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My E-book!

I am super excited to share my first e-book! It took a lot of courage to start the book let alone actually share it. I typically keep the very personal parts of me private so sharing that I really struggled and was in a dark place was hard for me. I know that from the place I was in to the place I am in now is possible and it is possible for others who are experiencing hardships and challenges.

In a very short amount of time I experienced the tragic and unexpected death of my brother, a failed relationship, truth about some of the most hurtful betrayals, and dealing with an entire grieving family and all the components that come along with grief.

I stepped up and was the strong one of the family, took care of things, and supported my family to the best of my ability. With the amount of heartache that took place I became broken, angry, and found myself in a deep dark hole. A hole that I was not sure I was going to come out of. I finally acknowledged that I needed help, got the help, and took very specific steps to make sure I never headed back down the path I was on.

I sat down and really thought about the steps I took that impacted me the most and the ones I feel are attainable for those who are wanting to make a change. My 10 steps to help create happiness are ones we all can do if we want to. People can use all the tips, just one, or a few. I strongly believe even adapting to one of the habits I list in the book will make an impact.

I am so proud of the person I have become but it did not come easy. I really had to honestly analyze my life and make the conscious effort to change. Just because we are broken at times does not mean we have to stay broken. Life is about learning, growing, and becoming a better version of ourselves, which all take the desire to want to improve.

I hope for those who get the book find hope and motivation for the possibilities of a happier more peaceful life.

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