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Burn Extra Calories with NEAT


Non-Exercise Activity Thermogenesis.

NEAT stands for Non-Exercise Activity Thermogenesis. Essentially it is the amount of energy used to fuel activities of daily living outside of structured exercise, eating, and sleeping. I always give the examples of increased NEAT as fidgeting, using a standing desk at work, parking further away in the parking lot, mowing the lawn, or just having a more non sedentary job. One of the easiest ways to increase daily calorie burn is just to make small simples changes that burn a few extra calories. Yes, the calories burnt are small but over time and with habits that are made by making simple changes these calories add up. Ultimately, one can find themselves living a little bit more active lifestyle that can lead to increased happiness, wellness, and health.

I work in an office setting where I am at the computer for most of my day. I made some simple changes in my office to help increase my NEAT. I purchased a standing desk, I also have an under desk treadmill, yes I know it is extreme but I love it, I also really make an effort to go for a short walk on my breaks instead of sitting down looking at my phone. Living a healthy balance life starts with making small simples changes and doing them consistently over time.

What can you do today to increase your own NEAT?

Daily Walk

I make daily walks part of my everyday life and I love every step!


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